Monday, May 17, 2010

Hollywood Wax Museum

Hi everyone, before we went to Washington DC, we went to the Wax Museum and had a lot of photos with famous people we have never seen before. Here are some names we had photos with:
Barack Obama, Will Smith, Tony Hawk, Neil Armstrong, Kobe Bryand, Beyonce, Bruce Lee, Justin Timberlake, Troy Bolten, Jennifer Lopez, Alisha Keys, Spiderman, Brad pitt and heaps more.

My favourite photos were with Justin, Kobe Bryant and spiderman because with Justin and Kobe, they were really tall and most women would say they are handsome! Then we got a photo with spiderman and when we went to the counter to buy it, we saw us three girls and spidy hanging upside down doing what we did. Then it was time to go and we were a bit sad because that was our only chance to see them. Then we went outside and did the walk of fame and saw stars with famous people's name on them. Us three girls had a photo with Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson's name with a gold star. We even got to read what Will Smith wrote and he wrote what he said on a movie Handcock. Then it was boiling hot so we walked to find our car and started to head for our motel.

Keep in touch everyone, thank you, miss you guys a lot. Bye!

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    What a lovely post. I bet it was SO cool over there. You are so lucky. I wish I could see people like that. Did you know that Will Smith talked to a few of our year 7 students. It was amazing and do you know about the poem he gave Mrs Burt. That is so kind of him. Anyways have a blast over there at Washington DC.

    Here is a link to my blog or just click on my name above.

    Your Sincerely,