Monday, May 17, 2010

Goosebumps Book Review: RIP, No swimming, No camping

Goosebumps R.I.P No swimming No camping

Author:R.L Stine

Mark out of ten:8/10

Hi everyone this is a book I have read and it is cool.

This book is about these two girls and their names are Terry and Jerry. Terry

and her sister are going to stay with their brother David and his wife Rachael

for the christmas holidays. When they got to the house Terry wanted to explore

the cemetry for a while. When they hit the corner of the cemetry Terry started

to run off looking at the graves and Jerry got really worried and started to call

out because Terry was about 50 steps away from her. All of a sudden Terry found

what she was looking for a tall grave with a last name Sadler which they thought was

their great grandfather from a long time ago. Then Jerry saw hands popping up from the

graves and so Terry ran to the end of the cemetry while Jerry had to try pass them.

When they passed the graves they saw three children that were coming towards them.

The three children were Sadler's to. My favourite part was when Terry did not believe

the three kids that there was a ghost in the cave and the little boy whoose name is Cole

told them that the ghost kills people when they take one tiny step inside the cave.




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