Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: Time for Andrew - The Ghost Story

Time For Andrew a Ghost Story
Author:Mary Downing Hanh
Mark out of ten:7/10

Hi everyone this is another book I have read. This book is about a boy Andrew and he is on his way to his aunties house for 2 months while his parents go to France. When they saw their aunties house with bricks covered Andrew said to himself that he could of went to camp with his best friend Martin. When they got inside Andrew's aunty showed him to his room and Andrew was afraid because when he went in , there were stuff broken and his bed was messy and even his parents didn't want Andrew to stay but it was already discussed. When it was time for Andrew's parents to go Andrew's aunty said that Andrew could play with his cousin Hannah. It was getting darker and darker and Andrew was getting ready for bed but everyone was in bed fast asleep,Andrew saw a shadow of himself and that shadow had everything that Andrew had. He was Andrew's double, he is a ghost that has been there for 7 weeks now. His name is Andrew as well but his nickname is Drew. My favourite Andrew got to Drew because their mother did not tell them that they had a twin. Then Drew was asking Andrew alot of questions about stuff on the front lawn and Hannah came out and said who are you talking to.




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  1. Hey michelle,
    When I started to read the story, it got alot interesting. I hope you can finish the story. well time for me to go. I miss and have a good time. hope you can come back to our school. BYE!!!!