Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fireworks Night

Hi everyone

It is five more weeks and we are coming back. I can not handle this heat anymore.
On the 4th July I went to see the fireworks. When we got there some famous American
singer was singing then Justin Bieber, he sang my favourite songs which were Back down to earth, One Time, Baby, One Less Lonely Girl, and heaps more. The fireworks finally came on and there they were lighting up in the sky. They were so colourful and sparkley. It was so cool
and beautiful when the sky was clear and dark. I had an awesome night seeing the lit up fireworks and seeing JUSTIN BEIBER for the first time. I hope you guys keep in touch byyyeeee

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michelle's Birthday

Hi everyone

On the 26th of June was my birthday and I turned twelve. I woke up at about

quater to eight and there was my family singing happy birthday to me. I got up

and opened my presents, I got Paul Frank p.j's, nail polish, nail polish remover,

nail trim boards, hair straightner, softball mit, track shoes[spikes], running shoes,

and a Gap jersey. We all got ready to go to the Theme Park [Six Flags]. Once we

got there Melissa and I went on the SUPERMAN ride, when we got in line Melissa's heart was beating really fast. The roller coaster had the biggest drop you have ever seen in

your life. Then we went on the BATMAN ride and went upside down flying like

Superwoman. Then it got so hot, we wanted to go to Hurricane Harbour [water park].

On the way Teresa, Leslie, and I asked if we could go on the cable swing which was 100

feet high. When we were up high the ladies shouted out really loud for Teresa

to pull the cord and let us fly. Once we let go we were flying over everyone that was walking.

Then we got off and went to the water park, when we found our seats we went straight in

the wave pool while the waves were on. When the waves had finish Melissa, Teresa, Leslie and I

went on alot of slides, my favourite slide was a green slide because when I let go at the top

I was on my floaty and a bunch of water in the middle went in my eye and when I went to wipe my eyes I was on a steep hill, When I got to the bottom I fell off. I had a very very very fun day

getting wet on the water slides, we had to go home. When we got to our apartment

we got ready to go out for dinner at a Japanesse Restaurant and we ate so much that we got so full. I had an awesome 12th birthday.

Check out the superman ride at six flags:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our apartment in Washington DC

Check out the video we made to see our apartment in Washington DC!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: Time for Andrew - The Ghost Story

Time For Andrew a Ghost Story
Author:Mary Downing Hanh
Mark out of ten:7/10

Hi everyone this is another book I have read. This book is about a boy Andrew and he is on his way to his aunties house for 2 months while his parents go to France. When they saw their aunties house with bricks covered Andrew said to himself that he could of went to camp with his best friend Martin. When they got inside Andrew's aunty showed him to his room and Andrew was afraid because when he went in , there were stuff broken and his bed was messy and even his parents didn't want Andrew to stay but it was already discussed. When it was time for Andrew's parents to go Andrew's aunty said that Andrew could play with his cousin Hannah. It was getting darker and darker and Andrew was getting ready for bed but everyone was in bed fast asleep,Andrew saw a shadow of himself and that shadow had everything that Andrew had. He was Andrew's double, he is a ghost that has been there for 7 weeks now. His name is Andrew as well but his nickname is Drew. My favourite Andrew got to Drew because their mother did not tell them that they had a twin. Then Drew was asking Andrew alot of questions about stuff on the front lawn and Hannah came out and said who are you talking to.




Ask Me Anything About American Presidents

Facts about the Presidents:
1) Which President loved jelly beans so much that his frequent eating of the candies increased their popularity and sales? Answer: Ronald Reagan
2) Which President invented the revolving (or swivel) chair? Answer: Thomas Jefferson, the greatest presidential inventors
3) Who was the only president that had two vice presidents die while in office? Answer: James Madison, his first vice president, George Clinton died in office on April 20, 1812.
4) Which president refused to shake hands with all White House visitors? Answer: George Washington, while he was the President, instead of shaking hands he bowed.
5) Who was the first Catholic to become President? Answer: John F Kennedy
6) Who was the first President to live in the White House? Answer: John Adams, when Adams and his family moved into the White House it was still unfinished.
7) Which President lived through all the presidential administrators from George Washington's through Abraham Lincolns? Answer: James Buchanan, who lived from 1791 to 1868.
8) Which president carried a bullet in his arm for nearly twenty years? Answer: Andrew Jackson. Jackson had taken part in a duel in 1812 and was wounded by a man named Jesse Benton. The bullet remained in Jackson's arm until 1832 and was removed.
9) Which President , while dedicating the Washington Monument, suffered sunstroke and died five days later? Answer: Zachary Taylor, after standing in the hote sun, he returned to the White House and ate a large bowl of cherries and drank a pitcher of milk.
10) Who was the last President to wear a beard? Answer: Benjamin Harrison
11) Which President, when he wrote his autobiography, did not mention his wife once? Answer: Martin van Buren, he had married Hannah Hoes van Buren for twelve years before she died.
12) "There is no place I should like to see so much as Jerusalem". These were the final words of which President? Answer: Abraham Lincoln.
13) Which ex-President was so down on his luck that five years after leaving office he was not able to pay a bill for $1.25 until he sold his corn crop? Answer: John Tyler.
14) Presidents Zacharay Taylor and James Maddison were distant relatives. What was their relationship? Answer: They were second cousins.
15) Which President was nicknamed "Old Buck"? Answer: James Buchanan, "Buck" is a play upon the pronunciation of his last name.
16) Which President never went to school? Answer: Andrew Johnson, he was taught to read and to wite by his wife.
17) Which President smoked twenty cigars everyday of his life? Answer: Ulyssess Grant
18) Who is the only President to be buried in Washington DC? Answer: Woodrow Wilson
19) Which President was nicknamed bubba? Answer: Bill Clinton
20) Which President was the first to have been born in a hospital? Answer: Jimmy Carter

Goosebumps Book Review: RIP, No swimming, No camping

Goosebumps R.I.P No swimming No camping

Author:R.L Stine

Mark out of ten:8/10

Hi everyone this is a book I have read and it is cool.

This book is about these two girls and their names are Terry and Jerry. Terry

and her sister are going to stay with their brother David and his wife Rachael

for the christmas holidays. When they got to the house Terry wanted to explore

the cemetry for a while. When they hit the corner of the cemetry Terry started

to run off looking at the graves and Jerry got really worried and started to call

out because Terry was about 50 steps away from her. All of a sudden Terry found

what she was looking for a tall grave with a last name Sadler which they thought was

their great grandfather from a long time ago. Then Jerry saw hands popping up from the

graves and so Terry ran to the end of the cemetry while Jerry had to try pass them.

When they passed the graves they saw three children that were coming towards them.

The three children were Sadler's to. My favourite part was when Terry did not believe

the three kids that there was a ghost in the cave and the little boy whoose name is Cole

told them that the ghost kills people when they take one tiny step inside the cave.




Hollywood Wax Museum

Hi everyone, before we went to Washington DC, we went to the Wax Museum and had a lot of photos with famous people we have never seen before. Here are some names we had photos with:
Barack Obama, Will Smith, Tony Hawk, Neil Armstrong, Kobe Bryand, Beyonce, Bruce Lee, Justin Timberlake, Troy Bolten, Jennifer Lopez, Alisha Keys, Spiderman, Brad pitt and heaps more.

My favourite photos were with Justin, Kobe Bryant and spiderman because with Justin and Kobe, they were really tall and most women would say they are handsome! Then we got a photo with spiderman and when we went to the counter to buy it, we saw us three girls and spidy hanging upside down doing what we did. Then it was time to go and we were a bit sad because that was our only chance to see them. Then we went outside and did the walk of fame and saw stars with famous people's name on them. Us three girls had a photo with Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson's name with a gold star. We even got to read what Will Smith wrote and he wrote what he said on a movie Handcock. Then it was boiling hot so we walked to find our car and started to head for our motel.

Keep in touch everyone, thank you, miss you guys a lot. Bye!