Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fireworks Night

Hi everyone

It is five more weeks and we are coming back. I can not handle this heat anymore.
On the 4th July I went to see the fireworks. When we got there some famous American
singer was singing then Justin Bieber, he sang my favourite songs which were Back down to earth, One Time, Baby, One Less Lonely Girl, and heaps more. The fireworks finally came on and there they were lighting up in the sky. They were so colourful and sparkley. It was so cool
and beautiful when the sky was clear and dark. I had an awesome night seeing the lit up fireworks and seeing JUSTIN BEIBER for the first time. I hope you guys keep in touch byyyeeee

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michelle's Birthday

Hi everyone

On the 26th of June was my birthday and I turned twelve. I woke up at about

quater to eight and there was my family singing happy birthday to me. I got up

and opened my presents, I got Paul Frank p.j's, nail polish, nail polish remover,

nail trim boards, hair straightner, softball mit, track shoes[spikes], running shoes,

and a Gap jersey. We all got ready to go to the Theme Park [Six Flags]. Once we

got there Melissa and I went on the SUPERMAN ride, when we got in line Melissa's heart was beating really fast. The roller coaster had the biggest drop you have ever seen in

your life. Then we went on the BATMAN ride and went upside down flying like

Superwoman. Then it got so hot, we wanted to go to Hurricane Harbour [water park].

On the way Teresa, Leslie, and I asked if we could go on the cable swing which was 100

feet high. When we were up high the ladies shouted out really loud for Teresa

to pull the cord and let us fly. Once we let go we were flying over everyone that was walking.

Then we got off and went to the water park, when we found our seats we went straight in

the wave pool while the waves were on. When the waves had finish Melissa, Teresa, Leslie and I

went on alot of slides, my favourite slide was a green slide because when I let go at the top

I was on my floaty and a bunch of water in the middle went in my eye and when I went to wipe my eyes I was on a steep hill, When I got to the bottom I fell off. I had a very very very fun day

getting wet on the water slides, we had to go home. When we got to our apartment

we got ready to go out for dinner at a Japanesse Restaurant and we ate so much that we got so full. I had an awesome 12th birthday.

Check out the superman ride at six flags: