Monday, May 17, 2010

Ask Me Anything About American Presidents

Facts about the Presidents:
1) Which President loved jelly beans so much that his frequent eating of the candies increased their popularity and sales? Answer: Ronald Reagan
2) Which President invented the revolving (or swivel) chair? Answer: Thomas Jefferson, the greatest presidential inventors
3) Who was the only president that had two vice presidents die while in office? Answer: James Madison, his first vice president, George Clinton died in office on April 20, 1812.
4) Which president refused to shake hands with all White House visitors? Answer: George Washington, while he was the President, instead of shaking hands he bowed.
5) Who was the first Catholic to become President? Answer: John F Kennedy
6) Who was the first President to live in the White House? Answer: John Adams, when Adams and his family moved into the White House it was still unfinished.
7) Which President lived through all the presidential administrators from George Washington's through Abraham Lincolns? Answer: James Buchanan, who lived from 1791 to 1868.
8) Which president carried a bullet in his arm for nearly twenty years? Answer: Andrew Jackson. Jackson had taken part in a duel in 1812 and was wounded by a man named Jesse Benton. The bullet remained in Jackson's arm until 1832 and was removed.
9) Which President , while dedicating the Washington Monument, suffered sunstroke and died five days later? Answer: Zachary Taylor, after standing in the hote sun, he returned to the White House and ate a large bowl of cherries and drank a pitcher of milk.
10) Who was the last President to wear a beard? Answer: Benjamin Harrison
11) Which President, when he wrote his autobiography, did not mention his wife once? Answer: Martin van Buren, he had married Hannah Hoes van Buren for twelve years before she died.
12) "There is no place I should like to see so much as Jerusalem". These were the final words of which President? Answer: Abraham Lincoln.
13) Which ex-President was so down on his luck that five years after leaving office he was not able to pay a bill for $1.25 until he sold his corn crop? Answer: John Tyler.
14) Presidents Zacharay Taylor and James Maddison were distant relatives. What was their relationship? Answer: They were second cousins.
15) Which President was nicknamed "Old Buck"? Answer: James Buchanan, "Buck" is a play upon the pronunciation of his last name.
16) Which President never went to school? Answer: Andrew Johnson, he was taught to read and to wite by his wife.
17) Which President smoked twenty cigars everyday of his life? Answer: Ulyssess Grant
18) Who is the only President to be buried in Washington DC? Answer: Woodrow Wilson
19) Which President was nicknamed bubba? Answer: Bill Clinton
20) Which President was the first to have been born in a hospital? Answer: Jimmy Carter

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  1. Hi there

    I am really enjoying reading the posts the three of you are publishing. This one is an amazing set of facts - I just wish you had turned the computer upside down and written the answers upside down like they do in magazines. I reckon I could have guessed some of those but the answers were too easy to see so I was cheating!!

    Good to see you writing about the books you are reading too.
    Mrs Burt